WTFast Daily, May 29, 2017

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WTFast Announces Partnership With eSports Organization, Team RivaL

WTFast Announces Partnership With eSports Organization, Team RivaL

WTFast is excited to announce that we are partnering with Team RivaL a popular eSport association with three successful teams competing in Smite, CS:GO and World of Tanks. The teams will be working with WTFast to help boost their online game performance and take advantage of online optimization provided by the Gamers Private Network.

"WTFast was founded by gamers with a passion for competitive online play, and we feel that eSports represents a positive direction for the global gaming community," says Rob Bartlett, CEO of WTFast. "Sponsoring Team RivaL is just one way we can help with the continued to growth of the industry and WTFast is excited to be a part of that growth."

"We're ecstatic for Team RivaL to be working with a reputable and long standing company like WTFast," says Team Rival Co-Owner Kurtis Coombs. "Their product has been helping to improve the latency of gamers, especially in World of Tanks, Smite and League of Legends for as long as I can remember. This partnership helps us continue to push forward with a legitimate and reputable host of sponsors as we continue our quick growth."

Team RivaL's CS:GO team will be competing at Fragadeplhia 8 in Philadelphia, PA at Devnuts, May 20th-22nd with the following starting line up.

· Igor "cuse-" Nikolic

· Thomas "Grumpixx" Jung

· Matt "mCe" Elmore

· Adrian "Recky" Golec

· Michael "tennLs" Meissner

About Team RivaL

Team RivaL is an up-and-coming eSports organization dedicated to the development, growth and media marketing of eSports, with the intent to field the top and most-recognized players in the professional scene. Team RivaL is motivated to identify and train-high quality talent to foster a growing community, and continue to build the organization in a strategic and professional manner.