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Release Notes WTFast Client 4.1.0

Release Notes WTFast Client 4.1.0


  • Automatic Game Detection - Added logic to detected supported games already installed on a user's computer. This allows client to list installed game when user first runs WTFast in the drop down. This feature is in Phase 1 and currently does not support automatic detection for Steam games. In Phase 2, we will be updating the client to detect games installed through steam and modify the game selection process to be more user-friendly.


  • Automatic Client Updates - WTFast client now automatically applies new updates instead of being optional or requiring the user to click "update". Ultimately, this will cut down on version discrepancies during a mandatory/optional update to the client.
  • Server Naming Convention Changes - We've unified all server naming from our internal naming convention to the actual server location. For example, servers in Australia would use the naming convention AUS 1. Now servers are listed as the actual location; Melbourne, Australia. This should make things easier for determining the optimal routing when using a manual connection or chaining servers together.


  • Fixed blue arrow connection change indicators in manual selection and
    sort by ping
  • Added logic for switching game connection in manual selection
  • Fixed game select screen bug - when a game is selected, then minimized and restored, the game is no longer there
  • Changed login popup text location
  • Removed the "Require Validation"


  • The Culling
  • RedFox Online
  • Tree of Saviour
  • Need for Speed
  • Paragon
  • Atlas Reactor
  • Vindictus
  • Heroes and Generals (added Steam version)
  • Dark Souls III
  • Cosmic League