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Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Start January 6th!

Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Start January 6th!

Happy New Year! I thought Christmas was over, but apparently I was wrong.

Today, Oculus announced that the consumer version of the Oculus Rift would be available for pre-order starting January 6th at 8 AM PST. Just in case you've been living on Mars for the last 3-4 years, the Oculus Rift is a head mounted virtual reality display developed by Oculus VR which was acquired by Facebook in March of 2014. Using virtual reality technoloyg, the Oculus Rift (or simply 'Rift') uses the wearers head for directional elements, allowing the wearer to interact with a virtual space at a full 360 degrees.

This annoucement has excited gamers and VR enthusiasts worldwide. Ushering a new for of media consumption and interactive content, the Oculus Rift will be changing the way we interact with the virtual world.

The Rift pre-order kit will include two games; EVE: Valkyire and Lucky's Tale, both games designed to take full advantage of a VR headset. Are you pre-ordering the Oculus Rift? If you are, let us know by sharing with us on Facebook or tweet us at @WTFast.

And as always, happy gaming.