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SWTOR: Asia Pacific Server Now Available

SWTOR: Asia Pacific Server Now Available
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Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has just announced  that their Asia Pacific server is now up and running. What's more, their characters will be transferred to the new server for free.

There is a catch, however. Character transfers are are going to be free only if you qualify. The qualifications for a free server transfer are the following:
  • should be a player from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • the game must have been pre-purchased
  • redeemed a game product registration code
  • must have entered a valid billing information or prepaid time card on Feb. 28 

If you qualify, you can then fill up and submit a form to finalize the request for transfer. Submission of the form will last up to April 24 only. Afterwards, character transfers will be processed and will probably last for a week.

Last year, SWTOR launched without a server in the Asia PAcific. However, the lack of a specific server for the Asia Pacific region didn't hinder gamers as they build their own pseudo-AsiaPacific server. Last year, we saw players from the Asia Pacific region collaborated and formed a group. They then occupied a single server, making that server a pseudo-AsiaPaific server. Gamers from the said region will now be happy now that a local server is now available for them.

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