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Using SSH Tunnels and Private Networks to Reduce Lag

Using SSH Tunnels and Private Networks to Reduce Lag

There are some alternatives to getting faster internet speed and preventing online games from lagging. This is through SSH tunneling and private networks, commonly known as 2nd level ISP.



SSH Tunneling


Tunneling refers to the secure transfer of data between networks. Secure Shell Host (SSH) is a network protocol that allows transfer of encrypted or unencrypted data between devices or networks using a secured connection. The tunnel serves as a virtual alternate route allowing safe, immediate and faster means of sending and receiving data from one device or network to another.


How does this benefit online gamers? It makes it possible to have less laggy game play and enables quicker updates or response times as this method improves connection speeds and cuts ping rates by half ensuring optimum gaming action. Click here to learn more about SSH Tunneling


Private Networks


Private networks still run on local internet infrastructure but escape normal internet routes. This simply means gamers automatically bypass the internet per se avoiding others competing to connect to high density game servers by mapping a faster more efficient route.


How do gamers benefit from this? A private network is a secure connection that calls for authentication. Aside from security, gamers can also avoid lags and slow responses or updates from busy servers giving them lower latency. As speed in important in online games, a good network connection is guaranteed to give players a great experience. 



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