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Using SSH Tunneling to Improve Game Speed

Using SSH Tunneling to Improve Game Speed

A lot of people are experiencing troubles when playing online. They suffer laggy gameplay which could result to ill effects. You could end up dead or you can get kicked by your server. Playing online games won't be fun at all.

One solution that you can do to avoid this is to use an SSH tunnelling service.



Yup, game lag kills.

What is SSH Tunneling?

First things first, let's define what SSH is. SSH stands for Secure Shell Host. It is a network protocol which allows the transfer of data between two connected devices using a secure connection (hence, the name). SSH secures your data by using different forms of encryption. On the other hand, tunnelling refers to the secure transfer of data between two networks.

Basically, SSH tunneling is a service that uses an alternate route for your data to reach a remote machine. It encrypts your data and then sends it to an intermediate machine which in turn sends it to the actual destination.


How does it help me improve game speed and reduce lag?

Using SSH Tunneling in MMO games helps by speeding up the transfer of data between your computer and the game server. A faster data transfer would mean less lag and swift input response time. You will be having a smoother gameplay (unless of course, your problem is not network connection related).

In a normal game, the data you sent passes through many places, filters and routers before it gets to the main game server. But when SSH tunnelling is used, some of these less significant places are bypassed helping you get to the game server in the fastest time possible. Because this method uses SSH, the data you transferred are encrypted.

Game accelerators use this method to help improve your connection speed and to reduce game lag. They look for the fastest route from your computer to the game server. This method cut ping rates into half and allows faster response time. Most game accelerators such as LagKiller offer free trials for you to check its effectiveness. It is 100% legal as it only helps you get your data to the game server faster and it does not alter anything with your game files.


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