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3 Tips on How to Reduce Lag When Playing Online

3 Tips on How to Reduce Lag When Playing Online

You're up against a boss or a tough opponent. You exchange hits and blows. Suddenly, your screen stops for a second. You wind up dead. Yup, lag pawned your head and you're going to suffer a lot for it. It's so frustrating when you're playing online and the game lags. It could be a matter of life and death for your character. We want to avoid lag at all costs.


There are a lot of things that you can do to avoid this kind of scenario. Below are some lag fixes that you can do to help enjoy playing your favourite game online.


1. Close other programs that are running.

This is one of the most known lag causes. There are people who play games with lots of other applications open. These eat up precious CPU capacity which can be used to fuel your game. Try closing programs that you are not using. Also, try to close anything that uses your internet connection like streaming videos and downloads. This will add more network connection speed to your game. Doing these simple things will help you run the game better and experience less lag.


2. Adjust your graphics configuration

A lot of games today have great detail and graphics to help improve your gameplay experience. This makes the game realistic and fun to play with. However to achieve this, your graphics card must be able to handle such detailed graphic. As such, computers that are not designed to handle such events experience slow framerates. This causes games (even if they are played locally) to experience lag.

To help reduce the lag, you should try to adjust and reduce your in-game graphics preferences. You can try to reduce the detail in the environment or on characters and also turn off environment events like rain or wind and the likes.

You can also opt to upgrade your graphics card especially if you know that you would be playing upcoming games as they probably require and use a better graphics engine.


Make sure you don't reduce your graphics preferences too much or you'll end up playing tetris.


3. Using game accelerators

The title says it all. Use game accelerators to improve your game speed and reduce lag. There are a lot of game accelerators like WTFast that help reduce lag by helping you connect directly to the game servers so the data you send would travel back and forth faster. A good game accelerator would be very easy to use and can reduce your ping rate to half. 


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